Powershell : export-dhcpserver

Export/Import existing scopes


Export the DHCP scope ( whilst leaving active on source ) from SERVER using either powershell or netsh


Powershell commands:


Export-DhcpServer [-File] <String> [-CimSession <CimSession> ] [-ComputerName <String> ] [-Force] [-Leases] [-Prefix <IPAddress[]> ] [-ScopeId <IPAddress[]> ] [ <CommonParameters>]


Example: export-dhcpserver -ComputerName SERVER -file “C:PATHNAME.XML”
Pre-Requisites for the PowerShell at that it is run on a windows 2012 server. The PowerShell will export it as an  XML file


To import the scope ( note that using the import-dhcpserver it DOES NOT overwrite any existing scopes )


Import-DhcpServer -file “C:PATHFILE.XML” -BackupPath “C:PATH”



NetSh verison :


This needs to be run on the server that holds the current DHCP scope that is being exported


Netsh export c:tempdhcpdb all


I prefer using PowerShell as I have tried and tested it. However it wont work with Windows 2003 servers


To import

Copy the .txt file that was created earlier and


netsh dhcp server import c:tempdhcp.txt all


Again this will NOT overwrite existing scopes. Refresh the window if it doesn’t appear.

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