Powershell : WinSCP

WinSCP has a series of inbuilt libraries to help keep a remote site synchronised with a local site. You will need WinSCP (obviously) and winscp.ino as well as WINSCPnet.dll. I adapted the code a little more than listed here, but the premise is the same. function Sync { param ( # Use Generate URL function […]

Powershell ( PowerCLI tools installed ) query for VMWare tools

Simple but effective crawler for checking which vmtools are “current” Easy to modify if you want to find those that are out of date , change -eq to -ne Connect-VIServer FQDN of VCenter Get-VM | Where-Object {$_.ExtensionData.Guest.ToolsStatus -eq “toolsOk”} >> c:\temp\SomeFileName.txt