Printer Scripts for Windows Seven

I have been onto a site recently, and had issues with the Group Policy Preferences not applying to the printers. I found out that this was due to the time it takes the printer to respond to the request to be “mapped” and made default. I spent a few hours and hacked around some code […]


Updated a few of my iDevices tonight. No real revolution , just a miriad of evolutions.

DelProf2 was called into a site to help diagnose some GPO not working quite how they were expecting. Long of the short is a locally cached copy of the profile was being stored on the local machines. There are a few settings you can use in Windows 2008R2 to prevent the cached copy staying on […]

New Blog !

We hope to add more of GiraffeIT real world experiences in here. I hope to share some of the issues and solutions that the herd have met and overcome. GiraffeIT – sticking our neck out so you dont have to